We Empower Distributors With Artificial Intelligence

Specifically designed for distributors, our omnichannel AI platform gives a singular view of every account that lets you sell the right product to the right customer every time.  

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10% +

Increase in Average Order Value

Order taking reps sell 10% more per order with our smart product recommendations.

5-10% +

Increase in Total Revenue

When all channels are deployed, customers see a 5-10% or more lift in top-line revenue.

10x +

Increase in Sales Efficency

Reps and websites sell 10x more per pitch with our suggestions.

6 week

Implementation Time

Our integration specialists will get your AI platform up and running in 6 weeks or less.

The Omnichannel Advantage

We aggregate and analyze data from 6 different sales channels. This breaks down barriers between channels and creates a complete view of every customer. 

That helps us predict exactly who is going to buy what and when. After that, we use those data-driven predictions to push a coordinated sales strategy to all of your channels. 

With Proton you can make perfectly targeted sales pitches with every interaction, across every channel. 

Customer Service

Turn contact with customers into incremental revenue. As customers call in, our AI predicts which item reps can profitably pitch. 


Create a personalized shopping experience for every customer. Our enhancements include "recommended items", "complete the cart", and "customers also bought".

Inside Sales

Know whom to call on, when to call them, and what to sell. Our inside sales tool gives reps a data-driven workflow that maximizes productivity and profitability. 

Outside Sales

Infuse personal service with technological efficiency. Reps sell more when they combine their deep knowledge with an omnichannel view of each customer.


Transform the checkout desk into a sales opportunity. With AI-supported order entry, reps at the counter can make smart add-on suggestions on the fly. 


Make marketing personal. Our AI delivers a singular view of each customer that allows marketers to put the perfect content in front of every buyer.

Your Channels

What People Say

"By partnering with Proton, we've empowered our reps to personalize each customer interaction using Proton's recommendations, which have dramatically impacted rep efficiency and revenue. . .  The Proton team has genuinely shown their dedication to our success and we could not be happier with our decision. A TRUE partner"

– Brian H, VP of Sales

“Proton has provided so much information to track usage and revenue for our entire team. They are amazing!”

– Christina H, Sales Team Lead 

“Proton has been a great help regarding my calls to customers. It helps keep the flow going. Having the reorder feature has changed my relationship calls drastically. The team has always been open to suggestions and puts our needs first.”​

– Michelle K, Customer Success Partner

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Give us your email and we'll get back to you to schedule a product demo.

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