About Us

​We are a team of data scientists and developers from Harvard University working hard to bring AI technology to B2B markets. 

Our Story

I grew up in distribution. Distribution has been the Cohen family business ever since my great grandfather started a dental supply company in 1930. Some of my earliest memories are of tagging along on business trips with my Dad, just like he used to do with his Dad. Some things never change.

Technology, however, is reshaping the way we work at breakneck speed. Some distributors find it difficult to keep pace, and hard-working people are getting pushed out by automated technology and online-only businesses. I’m determined to see that distributors can use technology, instead of getting squeezed out by it.


While studying Applied Math and Data Science at Harvard University, I saw a chance to apply new technology to the industry I’ve always known. I founded Proton and recruited top engineers and data scientists to develop tools specifically designed for distributors. 


Our startup was quickly accepted into the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Incubation Program, where we advanced the platform. We were later named finalists in the University’s President’s Innovation Challenge, and winners of the Harvard College Startup Competition. 

The team has expanded far beyond Harvard now, and is continuing to grow every day. Our data scientists and developers bring a range of expertise to the table, with experience working at top companies like Danaher, Amazon, and IBM, and successful startups like Data Dog and New Store. As we grow, our customers remain our top priority. 

We've helped distributors from numerous verticals increase revenue per customer touch by nine times and close four and a half times more sales. And we’re not stopping there. Our team continues to grow and our core technology keeps getting better. All in the service of one goal: driving growth for distributors.

Founder & CEO

Benj S Cohen

In the News

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The Impact of AI

The Impact of AI

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Why Distribution?

 Unique channel complexity 

Most businesses only sell through one channel. Distributors connect with customers across as many as six channels. That means that it is harder to track and use customer data, but all the more rewarding when effectively done.

Massive catalogs 

Distributors sell tens of thousands of unique SKUs. This makes it almost impossible for the average worker to know the exact right product to pitch to each customer. Bringing AI into the equation allows for functionally large catalogs, happier customers, and more sales.

Unique customer relationships

Distributors' customers purchase dozens or even hundreds of different products. Most businesses can't sell so many complex items to a customer, not to mention consumable items. With the right tools, distributors can profitably manage even more complex sales. 


Finalist: President’s Innovation Challenge

1st Place Winner: Harvard College Startup Competition

Harvard Innovation Labs

Venture Incubation Program

Harvard Innovation Labs

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