The Platform​

Our powerful AI recommendation engine helps you sell more with every customer interaction.



We collect data from all your sales channels, including customer history, intent data, and more. 



Our award-winning AI analyzes the data to predict how, when, and what each customer will buy.



We break down data-silos by pulling all of that information into our centralized cloud database.



We use the predictions to make a strategy that's personalized to each and every customer.

The Technology

Not all AI is equal. Our award-winning technology uses a deep neural network to ensure industry-leading accuracy.

Our predictive features are backed by cutting-edge machine learning tools, and our models are run across more than 500 million parameters. 

When our platform analyzes customers and makes recommended, you can trust that you are getting a data-driven actions designed to maximize profitability.

Case Studies


Industrial Distributor Tools

Industrial MRO Distributor 

adds $115k annual incremental revenue per rep.


Medical Distributor boosts average order value by 20%.


Dental Distributor increases revenue per product pitched by 13x.

The Data

We know that any AI engine is only as good as the data that fuels it.  We help you capture 10 times more data, so that your sales pitches can be 10 times more effective. 

Here are some of our data sources:

  • ERP Data

  • Phone Data

  • Email Data

  • E-Commerce Data

  • Firmographic Information

  • Demographic Information

  • Online Behavior

  • Personal Interactions 

Selected Features

Product Actions


Our AI finds items a customer is likely to purchase but hasn’t yet. These close 4.5x more often than products reps suggest through their own research.

Cyclical Purchases

If a customer buys an item every month, our AI will recognize that pattern and recommend the product at reorder time.

Similar Items

Our AI finds products similar to one another, facilitating upselling, cross-selling, and substitutions.


Proton finds which campaign products a customer is most likely to buy, even if the items are new and have no sales history

Complete the Cart

If a customer has a full cart of items, our AI suggests additional items that fit their cart – the buns for their hot dogs. 

Customer Insights

Category Recommendations

Our AI identifies category-level trends; allowing reps to see which categories are expanding, shrinking or ready to grow.

Proton Score

Our AI-powered Proton Score™ finds the best next action for each rep to grow their book of business.

Buying Trends

Our AI analyzes customers buying patterns and equips reps with important trends that provide context into accounts.

Churn Score

Acquiring a new customer can be 5x as expensive as retaining an existing one. Proton flags customers at risk of leaving and suggests actions to keep them.

Executive Reporting

User Engagement

Proton tracks and analyzes all modes of contact with customers–phone, email, online, etc–to give sales teams deep insights into each account.

Tracking & Reporting

See the bigger picture and make informed decisions by tracking reps, web features, and marketing campaigns.

Strategy & Coaching

Develop better internal practices and sales strategies with data-based feedback and coaching.

What Features Do You Need?

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