Turning telesales reps into order makers: How proton.ai increased revenue per pitch by 1,300%


Rolled out with a large medical distributor's inside sales team. Our platform steered reps to the right customers and suggested next best actions, personalizing every touch; this led to a 1,300% increase in revenue per customer touch.

The Challenge

A large medical supply distributor sought to increase sales made by inside reps. At this company, reps were tasked with making a specific number of calls each day. The reps used a CRM system to decide which accounts were called. During campaigns, reps were given promotional items to pitch to all of their customers.

This approach sacrificed quality for quantity. No two accounts were the same, but reps were approaching all customers with the same products. This strategy allowed reps to move quickly, however, it made all of their customer interactions impersonal.  

Reps could dramatically improve profitability if they had recommendations that allowed them to make quick, targeted pitches to each customer. 

Our Solution

The distributor partnered with Proton, giving reps a cutting-edge recommendation engine. The service allowed them to maintain call quantity while increasing call quality. 

Proton’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform processes sales data and predicts the items that each customer is most likely to buy. Now, when reps move through their CRM-assigned calls they use Proton’s personalized recommendations for each account to grow sales. 

In effect, making a personalized pitch to every customer is no more work than making pitching the same product to all customers. Calls still take the same amount of time. But now instead of making a generic pitch, reps can now pitch customers on products they are likely to buy based upon their account history.

One sales team leader saw that using Proton didn't need to completely reinvent the sales process. The tool integrates seamlessly into their existing sales pipeline. "It was an additional tool being added on to our daily usage," not something completely new. He was emphatic: "Proton is a great resource."

Results and next steps

The distributor does not currently require that reps use Proton. In comparing users and non-users, however, managers noticed a dramatic boost in dollars per product pitched when using Proton.

Without Proton, the average rep made 99 cents for every product pitched. After deploying Proton reps hauled in an average of $13 per product pitched. 

While some customers will order items without intervention, this 13x increase shows that there are many more customers that will only place orders when appealing pitches are made. Proton’s recommendation engine helps make the process of pitching new items easy for reps, so that they can bring in more revenue while calling the same number of customers.

Recognizing the value of this tool, the company has made Proton an integral part of their on-boarding process. “It’s fabulous,” a happy sales team leader remarked. 

The distributor will soon make complete use of Proton’s capabilities by fully integrating the service into their CRM. This will let Proton’s AI to assign calls based on which accounts present the best sales opportunities. Accounts more likely to make purchases may be bigger businesses, or those about to re-order their usual supplies. 

In the future, when reps call to pitch customers on personalized items, they’ll already be talking to customers who are primed to make purchases.

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